Robin Schofield




International Rock and Water trainer

Director of Rock and Water NZ Ltd


Kia ora

Robin Schofield is the Director of Rock and Water New Zealand Ltd and the Master Instructor for the Rock and Water Programme in New Zealand. He lives with his  family in the Hutt Valley, Wellington.

Robin first experienced Rock and Water in an hour-long 'taster' session at a Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour conference in 2005, and from that short experience  was absolutely hooked. He has worked as a SENCO in a large high school and as an RTLB for 12 years and experienced many workshops, trainings etc but still feels that there is nothing that compares with Rock and Water -  its power and potential. It is a programme for everyone - no matter what the needs, Rock and Water is able to be adapted and implemented to make real and lasting positive change.

Robin has delivered Rock and Water training workshops and programmes in New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands, and to people of all ages (he believes 72 is the oldest person to have attended a workshop, and she loved it - for a programme to teach a 72 year-old something about themselves and life is a testament in itself).

When delivering programmes, Robin works with whole classes, groups, individuals, whanau etc, including young people living with special needs of many kinds, such as those living with visual impairment, ASD, cognitive delay etc.

Robin is one of the most experienced Rock and Water facilitators worldwide. 

"I strive to ensure that all my workshops are top quality (and the evaluations verify this), that every participant leaves with a clear understanding of the programme and the reassurance that I will always help as much as I can to make your Rock and Water experience one of the most memorable in your professional and personal life."

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