Rock and Water: Focus on Girls and Women

This two-day Rock and Water training programme, Focus on  Girls and Women, developed by Linda Geraeds and Freerk Ykema, uses the basic skills and concepts of the Rock & Water programme, while paying special attention to the developmental challenges and qualities of girls and women.

Participants will learn to work with the different Rock and Water principles to build on their communication skills to live with others and the world around them without losing their own individuality and personal path in life. This training supports girls and women in their journey to becoming powerful individuals.

Aside from important theoretical backgrounds, different methods of approach will be taught and practised. The training is centred around three themes: ground your body, centre your power and focus your mind.

Working with these themes teaches girls and women to connect with their body, inner feelings and strength, and from there connect with the environment.

Cost $525 including manual and catering.

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