Rock and Water Training Feedback

What are participants saying about Rock and Water and the training workshops?

Extracts of evaluations from Corinna School whole staff Primary Workshop, July 2014

  • "Fits in perfectly with Glasser and Restorative Justice"
  • "Participants develop an understanding of why they react/behave in certain ways and practice using effective techniques/skills"
  • "All [training content] will be useful to give us choices, to feel connected, strong and happy"
  • "Fits beautifully with what we already use to reflect and change our behaviours to get what we need"
  • "Our children will benefit and so will we personally"

We achieve consistent, powerful feedback from workshop participants who are inspired, enlightened and motivated to enhance their current programmes and pass on the Rock and Water knowledge to their students, young and old.

Three-day Accreditation Workshop feedback

- Male secondary school teacher

"This experience has empowered me a lot!"
- Alternative education teacher

"Thank you for helping me as a person become more confident and self aware – learning abilities I never knew or thought I had."
- Female primary school teacher

"Loved it"
- Female PE teacher, secondary school

"Excellent course. Feel privileged to have been invited by my school to attend."
- Male PE teacher, secondary school

"It was fantastic. I am personally very grateful for myself, not just my students."
- Female special needs teacher

"It was great and exceeded my expectations –thank you!"
- Female secondary teacher

"Awesome course – everyone should do it. It is so rewarding...very inspirational."
- Female teacher aide

"I absolutely enjoyed this course. I discovered a lot about myself. I’ve grown…thank you so very much."
- Female teacher / Dean, secondary school

"Thank you…this course was better than I had expected or hoped."
- Male teacher, primary school

"Thank you for surprising, educating and inspiring me."
- Male teacher, secondary school

"Thank you for the tools to work better with everyone in my life."
-Male teacher, Alternative Education

"Awesome – keep up the good work"
- Male teacher, secondary school

"Excellent – loved it."
- Male Intermediate school teacher

- Male teacher, secondary school

"A great course. Excellent for me and my teaching."
- Male RTLB

"Brilliant – thank you."
- Former Director, Alternative Education centre. Secondary School teacher

On strengths of the programme ...

  • "It's active – involves physical movement – confidence building and enjoyable"
  • "The mix of physical activity with reflection"
  • "Building more trust and awareness throughout the programme"
  • "Consistent / interesting"
  • "Organisation"
  • "Entertaining presenter"
  • "Repetition"
  • "You could apply some or all of it"
  • "It doesn’t require resources (apart from instructor)"
  • "Working examples"
  • "Doesn’t involve expensive resources"
  • "Its basic principles"
  • "Instructor energy and knowledge – its relevance to teaching in schools"
  • "Relevant"
  • "Holistic"
  • "Practical delivery"
  • "Well developed, well presented instructor"
  • "Practicality, connection and relationships, relevance and manageability"
  • "Practical based – learning by doing – with clear explanations"
  • "Where to begin!"
  • "Total relevance to our situation"
  • "Boys’ development"
  • "The physical exercises"
  • "Physical activities, balance of the core"
  • "Physical involvement"
  • "The practical and physical elements"
  • "Targeted, clear and practical, positive rationale backed up with practical activity"
  • "Teaching the students confidence skills"
  • "Physical nature, good theory base. Intensity encourages immersion into ideas."
  • "Theory"
  • "Theory. Practical and instructor personality/delivery"
  • "Something for all, especially boys"
  • "It is a holistic approach"
  • "It’s a physical program"
  • "Grounding/centring"

Suggestions for developing the Rock and Water programme?

  • "Teach to teacher trainees"
  • "Have more opportunities for other people in NZ to be able to be exposed to the programme"
  • "Ministry of Education should know"

Do you have any suggestions for developing boys education?

  • "More of the same. Fantastic course"
  • "Single sex classes in co-ed school"
  • "More physical activity"
  • "After teaching in Boys Private school for many years I am so pleased to see an instructor talking about the teacher and his/her approach. So many are so macho and I don’t believe this approach is helpful for many boys. I like the centred and grounded approach"
  • "They need to have rites of passage, they need to be also connected to their physical environment"
  • "Increased physical education implemented" 

What aspects of the program do you find most useful and/or least useful?

  • "Self development and body awareness"
  • "Applying the centring and grounding to lots of different situations"
  • "The practicals very useful to explain the book"
  • "All of it – theory sessions invaluable"
  • "Theory"
  • "Physical games and activities useful"
  • "The pace was great – a bit of exercise backed up with a bit of philosophy in theory"
  • "Exercises/stories"
  • "Boys need more physical activity. Testosterone driving actions of boys. The different needs of boys and girls"
  • "Most useful how the male brain/psyche works. I have a better understanding of why males do the things they do"
  • "Theoretical explanation, a physical explanation, then to do it, as well as its repetitive reinforcement of ideas"
  • "Most practical exercises (games/starters)"
  • "Whole programme was of value"
  • "Balance between practical classes and theoretical background"
  • "All"
  • "Practical activities"
  • "All of it is extremely useful"
  • "Understanding boys development/practical activities"
  • "Seeing the impact this will have is very exciting"
  • "Practicals. Whole lot"
  • "How the brain works"
  • "All"
  • "Enjoyed the theory and kicking – great to build self confidence"
  • "The explanation / modelling of all the tasks – the theory as well"
  • "All balanced and positive"

We achieve consistent, powerful feedback from workshop participants who are inspired, enlightened and motivated to enhance their current programmes and pass on the Rock and Water knowledge to their students, young and old.