One-day Introductory Workshop


The One-day Introductory Workshop covers games and exercises from the first six chapters of the Rock and Water programme.

Trainees are provided with a quality manual that illustrates the exercises covered as well as providing information and advice for implementing the programme.

This training is a great way to familiarise yourself or your staff with the Rock and Water programme and to begin to implement it into your work and life.


Topics covered

  • Standing strong (grounding, centering and focusing)
  • The Rock and Water attitudes (from a physical, mental and social perspective)
  • Body language
  • Breathing strength exercises (calmness under pressure, clear thinking)
  • Boundary awareness and effective anti-bullying exercises
  • Communication skills

Optional closed (in-house) one-day training

Closed one-day trainings are for schools, organisations and clusters.

The cost includes 16 one-day manuals, the Rock and Water Theory book and the Rock and Water Basic Exercises DVD. A maximum of 30 staff can attend (extra participants incur further costs). The one-day training is a fantastic team-building experience, a great way to generate whole staff understanding and to get the programme running in your school, organisation or community.

Organisations are able to arrange their own closed one-day training by contacting Rock and Water NZ on

2017 Workshops

Masterton            9th March

South Auckland 16th March

Wellington           30th March

Hamilton                5th May

New Plymouth      19th May

If you would like to attend an Introductory workshop in your area please let us know. We are happy to schedule workshops in rural areas etc, but require minimum numbers for workshops to proceed.


"Tu meke!"

"Tu meke! Mean as programme"
- Marae kaiwhakahaere

"Best PD ever"

"Best PD ever...A+++"
- Primary Teacher


"Fantastic course. Perfect as it is"
- Child Behaviourist


"Fantastic. Excellent. Awesome. Can't say enough"
- Secondary Teacher

"Immensely rewarding"

"The almost immediate connections that get made with total strangers was immensely rewarding"
- Counsellor