Rock and Water is a truly international programme. It is currently available in five languages. Over 50,000 educators have attended training workshops, with an estimated two million young people having experienced the programme in some form. Below are some links to organisations delivering workshops in Rock and Water. 

The Gadaku Institute

The Gadaku Institute are the international coordinators of the Rock and Water programme.


Rock and Water Queensland

Rock and Water Queensland provide Rock and Water training workshops throughout Queensland, Australia.




Edusolutions provide Rock and Water programme delivery and facilitate educator workshops in West Australia. 


 Lighthouse Education - we are having trouble linking to this site, but the address is . 

Lighthouse Education provide Rock and Water training workshops and programmes in New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory of Australia. 


Rock and Water Central

Rock and Water Central deliver Rock and Water training workshops throughout South Australia and Victoria in Australia. 


Connected Self

Connected Self run Rock and Water programmes with youth across South Australia and the Northern Territory. They work with individuals, families and organisations to assist them to achieve their goals.