Rock and Water for workplaces

Rock and Water NZ provides top quality nationwide workshops for companies and organisations. Through the use of Rock and Water games and exercises participants gain greater awareness of their own attitudes and those of their colleagues, effective strategies to deal with difficult situations (physical, verbal and mental), and develop strong links with colleagues. Participants do not need to be super fit to participate in the workshops as we adapt and cater for all needs.

Skills developed can include:

  • cohesion and team building
  • relationship development
  • mindfulness 
  • communication skills (verbal and non-verbal, face-to-face)
  • dealing with conflict, intimidation
  • stress management - keeping calm under pressure and thinking clearly.
  • goal setting
  • dealing with confrontation - de-escalation skills
  • We can work with teams of up to 40 staff at a time.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss how we can make your next team building or professional development programme a memorable and valuable experience.

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Sticky hands game