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Rock and Water is a scientifically proven, evidence-based programme used to develop social skills, self-control, self-confidence, self-respect and self-realisation for students and adults, using a holistic approach.

Rock and Water develops empowerment for the participants; connects them to their own strength and feelings, beliefs and values, and allows them to grow into great kids and great men and women, confident in themselves and connected to those around them.

The Rock and Water programme is delivered in many countries around the world by teachers, youth workers, counsellors, police officers etc. It is used in Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools across New Zealand, as well as by local social service providers.

The Rock and Water Programme assists participants to live positively in a multicultural society like New Zealand's. By teaching children from 5 years old upwards to recognise and control emotions, understand body language and develop excellent communication skills, participants develop a strong awareness of themselves and of others, and learn to play, learn and live together. 

Rock and Water is an incredibly flexible programme and is used in a multitude of ways to meet the needs of whole schools and organisations, classes, small groups or individuals.

It can be used as a powerful social skills/relationship development programme, a very effective anti-bullying tool, as a counselling tool, to help all students (including those with ASD and special needs) to reduce anxiety, develop confidence, body- and emotional awareness, and to develop positive, healthy education and work environments. It can be used to further enhance the progress made with PB4L in schools, as Rock and Water can target all students (the 80, 15 and 5) and it creates a real awareness for educators about how they interact and communicate with our young people.



A scientific study involving 500 male secondary school students shows that Rock and Water reduces sexually transgressive behavious and increases self-control. More details available from the Trimbos Instituut website HERE

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Training Workshops Calendar 2015

Rock and Water for Primary Schools


Hamilton April 22nd & 23rd

Nelson May 8th & 9th

Dunedin June 19th & 20th

Napier July 24th & 25th


Three Day Accreditation Training

Lower Hutt May 14th - 16th 2015

Napier ‚ÄčAugust 20th - 22nd 2015

Auckland December 2nd - 4th 2015


Rock and Water for Children and Adults with ASD

Lower Hutt July 30th & 31st

Auckland  August 13th & 14th

Christchurch August 27th & 28th

Register online here.

Further workshops may be added - email us if you would like a workshop in your area.

In-house (Closed) workshops are available for whole organisations, clusters etc. Please contact us for more details. 


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Rock and Water program
Rock and Water is proud to work in partnership with the international Gadaku Institute


"Terrific potential to change young people's lives - school leaders need to be involved in it"

Brendon Henderson
Principal, Tawa Intermediate
December 2013 workshop evaluation

"Fits in perfectly with Glasser and Restorative Justice"

Primary teacher, July 2014

The Office for the Commissioner in New Zealand has produced a report about bullying and anti-violence programmes in New Zealand. Rock and Water is featured in their publication, School Safety (see page 121 of the report).